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Most Common Uses for Hijama

I have people coming to me with all type of ailments wanted to be treated with hijama. From back pain to knee pain, migraines and headaches, metaphysical issues, menstrual and fertility problems, all types of things. In my eight plus year experience of doing hijama and having seen more than 450 clients I have found that the following are the most common things that people come to me to get treated for:

Back pain

This is without a doubt the most common problem with clients. It may not be serious back pain but most problems do not start out as being serious. They become serious after being left untreated for long periods of time. I find that even clients who say that they have no pain will often have sore or very tired back muscle with much tension in the upper back areas especially.

The areas of tension will of course vary from person to person and be influenced by what job they do or their common practices and ways of movement, how flexible they are and if they work out or not. It is important to talk with the client and find out about their lifestyle as much as possible so as to get a good idea as to what the root of their problem could be. Also trying to figure out if the back pain is muscular or nerve based.

Some clients seem to find it hard to tell or express the difference between types of pains that they are experiencing. For example I have many women come to me complaining about pain in their lower back and that it happens to be more one sided and that the pain is sometimes felt in the glute area and can also be felt down the leg. This is clearly a case of sciatica which means that its nerve based pain.

Hijama can greatly help relieve the pain and some of the inflammation caused by it but it is also advisable for the client to try and do some stretches in order to fix the problem of this nerve being trapped.

Other very common back pain is usually in the upper back between the neck and shoulder blades. People who sit for long hours on the computer or at a desk commonly have pain in this area. It can also be common for mothers who have young children which they carry a lot.

I find that treating muscular pains are easier to treat in the sense that clients often feel much better after only one treatment and it will last for a long time.


Arthritis especially in the knees is a very common problem that I treat. It is one of my favourite places to treat clients with hijama as it is relatively non invasive, they don’t usually have to remove their clothes in order to access the knees. Treatment here is also highly effective and clients feel the results usually very fast. If a client is overweight this can sometimes affect how much relief they may feel after the treatment but from my experience even with overweight clients the feedback has generally been very good.


This was the thing that really got me into hijama and helped to develop my experience quickly. In the community I live there were very few sisters who practiced hijama and of them no one was prepared to treat someone who had metaphysical issues. This did not put me off at all as I wanted to learn and practice hijama for the sake of Allah and help people with it through cure and also help to revive this beautiful sunnah treatment.

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