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Hijama for Fertility

Hijama is highly effective in treating issues of fertility. Obviously every case is different and end every body is different but as hijama is a holistic treatment which works in such a way that is bring the body back into balance and its homeostatic state it can help even if the root causes of the problem differ.

It is of course important when treating any clients that you never ever promise them any kind of results. Obviously they have come to you in the hope that they will find a solution to their problems and in this case we are talking fertility. You must bear in mind that sometimes a client who has been longing for a child for many years and maybe never fallen pregnant can become very stressed and depressed as a result of this.

This stress and depression could then and most likely does become another block to the clients ability to conceive. It is important especially as Muslims to remind the client that Allah knows best and that He is the one who decides who has children or not. So don’t promise them that they will get pregnant because they are having hijama. Let them know that it is Allah’s will and that they should make dua and have faith that Allah will give them what is best for them.

Hijama could be the means that Allah uses to allow them to conceive and they can be hopeful as it is good to have hope and think positively but they should not try to make getting pregnant their whole focus and aim. Thinking about it all the time will only add to the stress in most cases. They should make themselves busy with beneficial projects and good deeds that will insha Allah bring them some kind of satisfaction.

You should also encourage your clients to make sure that they are getting enough of their vitamins and minerals by way of a balanced diet. A friend of mine had not conceived for many years and even though she had been to the doctor many times and they told her that nothing was wrong with her after a few years she found out that she had low vitamin D levels. The doctor she had been seeing all those years had never told her that vitamin D can affect a woman’s ability to conceive.

I have treated many women for fertility using hijama and alhamdolillah the experience has been very beneficial and there have been a few positive outcomes where the women have gotten pregnant after only one treatment.

As with any stomach condition most clients assume that hijama treatment will need to be performed on the stomach. But this is not the case, the fertility points are on the back, that way the organs can be targeted closely.

I do recommend to sister to have 3 sessions in a row treatment for hijama when it comes to non-chronic conditions so when I go to see a woman for treatment focused on fertility I do recommend her the same. However, in the majority of cases I have only done one treatment and then the women have fallen pregnant.

I did have a client that I used to see quite regularly for fertility and I was wondering why she wasn’t getting pregnant. She didn’t have any children and wasn’t particularly overweight. I was wondering what the issue could be. I encouraged her to do exercise and eat healthily.

Then I stopped seeing her for some time as she stopped calling me for appointments. After some months I saw her again and she told me that she had gotten pregnant a couple of times but had had a miscarriage.

Another experience with a client that I had who had been trying to get pregnant for around 5 years without any pregnancy. She actually came to me to be treated for back pain but she mentioned to me that she also wanted to conceive. I did hijama on the whole of the back including the main points for fertility which do cross over with points for back pain.

She actually felt faint during the session and so I had end it quickly removing the cups and giving her honey water. She felt fine after that alhamdolillah. Then I didn’t see her for some months to a year. Later a friend of hers saw me and told me that she had had a baby. When I met the sister with her new baby she was so happy.

She told me how she had went to the doctor in order to pursue IVF treatment but when she went they told her that they couldn’t help her at all because she was already pregnant! She was so happy, for her she believed it was because of the hijama. So she highly recommends hijama to anyone who is having fertility problems.

Have you had any experience with hijama and fertility? Let me know in the comments.

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