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Hijama and the Quran recitation

Should You Recite During the Hijama?

Yes most definitely. The Quran is not only a protection from harm but also a healing. As a hijama practitioner I make sure to recite Quran over myself before doing hijama. I also recite Quran during hijama over my clients usually silently but sometimes out loud. It is important not to rely on one person to recite Quran during the hijama.

Should the Client Recite During the Hijama?

As a practitioner I always encourage my clients to recite Quran as much as they are able. If the client is not Muslim or they do not know any Quran or they have metaphysical issues which could prevent them from reciting another option is to play the Quran during the session.

Should You Play Quran Recitation During the Hijama?

I prefer reciting the Quran during the hijama session over playing it because in my experience it gives space for the client to ask questions during the treatment. It also means that I can freely ask the client how they are feeling during the treatment without having to talk over the Quran.

When I first started doing hijama it was my practice (and still is) that I would recite over myself before going to the client and during the hijama silently will encouraging them do so but I would put on the Quran recitation to play as soon as I would start the treatment. However I found that it distracted some clients from reciting completely and some clients would continuously ask questions (yes Muslim clients) and talk over the Quran so I would just stop playing it.

If the client has metaphysical issues playing the Quran is something that I would recommend and I think that it has great benefit. However, I would still recite at least the minimum Ayaat for ruqya and still encourage them to do so silently if they can.

What Should You Recite During Hijama?

You can recite any of the Quran that you know because all of the Quran is shifa. However you can start with the following most commonly recited surahs and ayaat for ruqya which are:

Al Fatiha x7

Al Ikhlas x3

Al Falaq x3

An Naas x3

Ayaatul Kursi

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